Argo Corporation Departments overview

You can find the public information about Argo Corporation and its departments here. If you couldn't find your answers here in the topics, do not hesitate to contact the managers and ask your question. We are available 24/7.

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Argo Corporation Departments Overview

I-Public Utilities Bureau
  • Mechanic department is one of the most active departments within Agro Corporation and provides vehicle-related services such as surface repair, engine repairs, setting up new engines, batteries and other equipment, car paints, attaching and adjusting car modification, etc. Mechanic department also provides vehicle transportation if required.
II-Transportation Bureau
  • Transportation department is one of the most active departments within Agro Corporation and provides two services. Public transportation, which the normal taxis would be used with normal fares, and VIP transportation which modern vehicles would be used such as Huntley, Limousine, etc.
III-Trucking Bureau
IV-Credits Bureau
  • Loans/Credits
    Argo Corporation offers fair and attractive financial services to small and medium-sized businesses, providing a sound alternative to meet their banking needs. However the business has to prove itself sustainable with a transparent and elaborate plan.

    ​Our fair and transparently designed savings plans are interesting investment alternatives for business clients, foundations and institutional investors. With a savings account or term deposit account, your company’s liquidity can earn interest while promoting Argo's solid business model.
V-Private Investigation Bureau
  • Currently closed.
VI-Security Bureau
  • Argo Security Bureau is linked to a known security company called Pisano Security Solutions, under the management of Vincent Pisano. New members and trainees of the said bureau would be sent to Pisano Security Solutions' training facility for two weeks to undergo shared training phases. Having completed the phases, the new employees may work together with Pisano Security Company under a shared name in combined situations.